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A Memorable Halloween: Concord's Annual Trunk-or-Treat

November 7, 2023
Concord Health and Rehab hosted its annual Trunk-or-Treat on October 24th, and it was a great success! It has become a heartwarming tradition for the last couple of years to bring everyone together and celebrate the season. We extended an invitation to the community, our employees, residents, and families, and had an outstanding turnout of over 250 kids! There were about 25 trunks decorated along with a big prize that was awarded to the very best trunk. Our staff always has a great time decorating their trunks and having the residents give out candy with them.

An event like this is so important for our residents and community. Concord loves to be involved with our community and it is such a beautiful thing for our residents to see young kids happy and getting treats. It's also good for the kids to be around our residents because some of them have not been exposed to the elderly and aren't sure how to interact with them. It brings warmth to our hearts to see everyone chatting and sharing a smile.

Although everyone can be seen having a good time, the most memorable parts of the event are things that may go unnoticed. An elderly gentleman grew up with a chronic disability and missed out on trick-or-treating as a child, and to see his delight in dressing up and passing out candy was so genuine. A younger resident with chronic depression and health problems who never gets out of bed decided on this day to get her face painted by the staff. The smile on her face was everything. This was a big turnaround for her and she continued to get up weeks following because it made her feel so good. A dementia resident was filled with delight as she interacted with the children and laughed as she tapped into her own inner child. A new resident who is here for short-term rehab was reminded of the joy of the holidays even though they are not back on their feet as soon as they hoped.

Let's not forget the employees who sometimes feel the stress of the job and the sadness that can go along with it find joy and happiness in these events. They recognize these moments that make it all worth it. These are some of the reasons that make our Trunk-or-Treat an unforgettable experience as a community and family. We hope to continue bringing joy and togetherness to our residents, employees, and community throughout the holiday season!

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