1242 Crescent Dr. | Wheelersburg, OH 45694


My therapy has gone great with Steve Thomas. Definite progress has been made. My room is clean. Care from nurses and aides has been very good.


I was in Concord for rehab to a left knee replacement. My stay was great and the entire staff showed patience, concern, and professional courtesy to me at all times. A special thanks to Steve in rehab for keeping me focused on the goal ahead. Everyone involved with my care, you have my utmost appreciation!


Everybody was really nice. No issues at all. Therapy was good. Nurses were fantastic. Staff answered call lights in a timely manner.


Friendly staff; there when needed. Therapy is great. Able to attend church services; activities is great. Felt like home and will return if ever need therapy


Therapy was great, Joe work[ed] with me. When I first started therapy I was in a wheelchair, but now I'm walking. Joe pushed me hard and now I understand it was to get me better, faster. Nurse staff is all wonderful. The STNAs make it feel like home. Bobbi (STNA) is always friendly and there when needed. Kim (housekeeping) always kept my room clean and made my bed. Josh (nurse) is a hard worker and I will miss him.


When I got all my issues addressed, the staff was wonderful. Everyone tried to meet Bill's needs. Tim was very helpful (ADON), Tommy (aide), Becky (aide), Kori (admissions), and Amber (activities).


Everything was great; [I] had a good stay. Everyone was good to me. All the workers were nice and [as] good as can be...God Bless you all!


Everyone here has been great. They treated me [well]. Thank you.


My stay here was great. Nurse Susan was really a great nurse, as well as others that work here.


No complaints at all! Everyone has been fair; needs were met. A special thank you to Kori and all the staff. Therapy couldn't be better! A nice place to go and would come back here.


A huge thank you to the staff at Concord Health & Rehabilitation for going above and beyond for my father in law. Special thanks to Kori, Steve, Joey, Josh, Susan & Bill! It's caring, compassionate people like you that make our patients & residents feel at home during a difficult time. You all RoCk! Many, many thanks!


I enjoyed my stay at Concord. All of the staff was very helpful & friendly!


We Love Concord. The Staff is very nice and help in any way they can.


To: The Staff in P.T.

I just wanted to thank you all for all the help in which you all gave me while I was there. I truly appreciate all that you did for me and don’t think I would be home now if it wasn’t for you all.

Steve kept me going all the way. He talked to me and encouraged me to keep going I can never thank you all enough. God Bless you all. Thank you again


I want to thank you guys (Men and Women) for my stay here and for helping me to get better. You guys are awesome here. When I get old and need to be out in a retirement center my first pick would be Concord. I really mean it. I feel comfortable here. I get along with all of you guys here and that means a lot. Again I want to thank you for everything you have done for me.


I had a Great experience.  Steve, Joe, and Shelby treated me for therapy. The food was good.


I loved it here. All the girls were very nice.


Good. Therapy pushed me but I needed it. Food [was] good.


You all have done great and this is a great place.


I've been in other facilities and this is the best care I have ever received. The staff and therapy guys were great.


I love this nursing home. The workers were fantastic, the food is awesome - restaurant style. For anyone who needs a place to be permanent, believe me, this is it.


Wonderful staff. Food great. Nothing to change. Would come back if needed.


Food was good - gained three pounds. Therapy was...good. Nice staff. Would come back if had to.


I have had several stays at Concord, and my last stay was great. The nurses are very compassionate and some of the aides are dandy's, but the therapy team is worth coming to this facility for.

Stephen C.

Excellent food. Wonderful therapy. Staff was wonderful - came when I needed them. [I] would come back if I ever needed to. The reason I picked Concord was because of Google reviews and the reviews were true.


I was apprehensive when I first got here... I watched too many scary movies. What I found was a warm friendly and caring team and a clean comfortable facility. I have to recognize dietary, laundry, housekeeping, staff, physical therapy, nurses and aides especially Rae, Tylone, Jacob, Rose, Amber, Ashley, Chris, Steve, Joe, Monique, Rhonda, both Tina’s!, Clint, Jonathan, Linda, and Corey. Concord took care of me when I could not take care of myself. Thanks and much gratitude.


I can not say anything bad about the facility. All the staff was wonderful and was very nice to me during my stay.


We are extremely pleased with Concord's Respiratory Therapists and Physical Therapists who have helped Sandy become independent again. RT weaned her from the trach, and she's breathing completely on her own. PT has enabled her to walk again with the aid of a walker!! Neither was possible when she first arrived! She has also been very pleased with the help Kevin, Rose, Tylan, Barb, Cheryl and Ray who have been very helpful to Sandy. In addition, Robin ADON and Kori SSD have been helpful to the family in providing assistance throughout Sandy's stay at Concord.


Shout out to Melissa, STNA, and Sandy, STNA...Therapy (Steve) was wonderful.


I just want to thank this facility for the great care that my mother, Peggy B., has been receiving. This facility is truly above and beyond others. I have dealt with many other facilities with my grandmother other the years but never Concord, until now with my mother. Concord has been far superior in all ways; however, the main difference is the staff. They are available, patient, friendly, and knowledgeable. I have no worries regarding my mother's care. Thank you so much. It is a peace of mind for us.

Jessica M.

This is by far my most favorite career choice I have made in the 25 years that I have been a Certified Nurses Aide. I dearly love these patients, staff, and department heads; we all are one big family, a team, and I have NEVER had this before. I'm looking forward to tomorrow!

Mandy Lou Botkins

I used to be scared of the word “nursing home” but this place has the greatest employees. My second family is what I now have and I love them all. It is fun to live here. Never a dull minute or lack of entertainment. To the staff and administrators, you have outdone it again.

Carol W.

I was here for 30 days for rehab to get stronger and I have been so happy with my care. I was at Concord years ago and only wanted to go back there and I was not disappointed. The staff are so kind and compassionate with the way they treat the people. If I need rehab again I will definitely be coming back to Concord.

Shirley S.

Everyone here is so nice - from housekeeping to nursing to therapy. I have been extremely pleased with the care I have received at Concord. If I ever need rehab again I will definitely choose Concord.