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Beyond the Profession: Mandy's Tribute to Mamaw Evelyn

April 29, 2024
Meet Mandy, a dedicated member of the Concord family, whose 28-year journey in healthcare is not just a profession but a heartfelt commitment inspired by her beloved Mamaw Evelyn Jenkins. Mandy's grandmother's battle with dementia, from diagnosis at 65 to her passing at 79, left an indelible mark, igniting Mandy's passion to make a difference.

Mandy's beloved Mamaw Evelyn Jenkins 

For one and a half years, Mandy has graced Concord's dementia unit, finding fulfillment in the challenging yet deeply rewarding experiences it offers. She sees beyond the disease, offering solace and companionship to residents facing decline, ensuring they never feel alone or afraid. She makes a point to sit with those residents so they are not alone or afraid while family cannot be present. Mandy's exceptional singing talent enriches her interactions, bringing joy and comfort to residents, especially during meal times. Some residents respond best with music and Mandy will make up songs to help encourage her residents to eat when they are having difficulties.

But Mandy's impact extends beyond her residents; she becomes a pillar of support for their families, echoing the love and empathy she inherited from Mamaw Evelyn. Her unwavering dedication to her patients is a tribute to her grandmother's legacy, infusing every moment with compassion, humor, and genuine care. As she navigates the complexities of dementia with grace and resilience, Mandy's daily mission is clear: to honor Mamaw Evelyn's memory by spreading love and kindness to those in her care. For Mandy, it's not just a job—it's a heartfelt calling, rooted in a profound legacy of compassion and empathy.

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